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Discover the World of new opportunities!

Are you seeking new challenges? Would like to double your earning? Or need a change in your professional duties? Or just being eager for an opportunity of seeing the world, familiarize with foreign cultures and experience qualities of daily work-life in abroad? Perhaps even find new friends and colleagues for the future?

MANFORTE makes it possible to practice your skills and knowledge with our clients and partners both in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

MANFORTE, among it’s competitors, has access to largest client portfolio in the Nordic countries.

We are constantly seeking skilled IT people to work in contract basis on new assignments locally as well as abroad. If you do have good skills in software development, - system integration or deployment of any known ERP/CRM system, have abilities to deliver and furthermore master good english (or any Scandianavian language) as a matter of course, let us make you an individual offer.

In case you’ve decided for handshake with us, we will provide you with necessary assistance in career development and in preparing or renewing your CV before client review. In foreign assignments we assist you in finding a flat and solving other formalities such as living/work permit etc.

To maximize your chances and to keep you updated with the latest job opportunities, please call our office at +372 5097632  or simply send your CV to: cv[at]